We want to create something important, something that people feel like singing and believing.
— Tim Stead, The Scenic Sound
The Scenic Sound - Tour lineup for Spring 2015 (Dan, Stuart, Tim, Kevin)

The Scenic Sound - Tour lineup for Spring 2015 (Dan, Stuart, Tim, Kevin)

With a sincere sound that blends Soul, Pop, Indie, Rock and R&B, The Scenic Sound take an authentic approach to music that is driven by genuine emotions and gentle melodies.

This approach truly reveals the passion, skill and heart of the band.  Led by Toronto singer/song-writer Tim Stead, The Scenic Sound released the first album Standing Still in 2014 to enthusiastic support from new fans for the rhythmic & catchy hooks that were written into the fabric of the debut record.

As true confirmation that the music Tim writes is resonating with equal-strength to listeners, The Scenic Sound’s following continues to grow alongside Tim’s own determination, creativity and passion. Inspired by the love and support for the release of Standing Still – The Scenic Sound went on a 130-performance tour across Canada supporting the stunning songs. After touring, Tim went immediately back into writing, recording and discovering new ways to create uplifting, inspiring melodies that offer a truly-sincere & melodic alternative to much of what is experienced in today’s modern-music.

The honest and humble approach to writing has led to creative breakthroughs, new songs and some of the very best music that The Scenic Sound has recorded so far.  Produced by the talented Murray Daigle (Serena Ryder, Neverest), The Scenic Sound has a full-album planned for release in March 2016, entitled Like A Fire.  With new, exciting material from Like A Fire, and a deep love for creating more new music, The Scenic Sound is aiming to make 2016 a highlight-year and capture your heart with songs, emotions, moods and atmospheres that strike a connection deep within each and every one of us.

Jer – SBS